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This channel wouldn't be what it is without the support of viewers like you. If you would like to donate a model to be rescued please read the guidelines below. I would absolutely love to rescue every single model in the world, but unfortunately I just don't have the time! If you would like to donate something else, like bits, or kits that you won't use, I can still very much use those parts to make something awesome! Thank you all for the donations, and helping make EMR something truly special for a lot of people. 

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Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 8.35.33 PM.png
  • Donated models need to fit into the theme of the channel (in need of rescue, see examples on this page) either you painted or bought the model in a 'condition', as long as it could be considered a rescue project.

  • Model cannot be "New on Sprue"

  • Not all models donated are on the channel, 99% are, but sometimes, and especially in lots, I cannot get to them all.

  • Sending extra bits is absolutely a donation, I would love to convert something using your bits!

  • When donating, please include your name (to be shown on the channel)

  • Donated models do not get sent back after being painted. If you would like a commission please visit that page on this site.

Click below to go to the donation form.

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